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We’ve seen ‘em at their best, and this season, they’re so spectacularly at their worst. This article will examine players throughout the world that are not playing at the level they were last season.


Emmanuel Adebayor - He’s not doing well this season, at all as a matter of fact. Last year’s Tottenham talisman is this year’s square wheel on an otherwise improving motor vehicle. Last year, he was the only player in the Premier League to get into double figures for both goal scoring and assists. With an injury and Jermain Defoe’s form of late has kept him out of the starting line up, but nevertheless, he’s squandered many of the opportunities he’s been given. He’s made 19 appearances this campaign and only scored twice. His conversion rate is down from 17% (not that great) to 7% (even worse). His game in general has declined significantly: it much less involved, having failed to make a single assist yet. His passing has declined as well, averaging 22.5 passes this term, in comparison to 34.2 last year. Someone should send him a “get better soon” card.

Hmm, this is odd, it looks like he’s actually going to play / Miguel Ruiz

Alex Song - This one is pretty predictable, I mean what else would happen if a midfielder not of the same calibre in midfield goes to a team whose midfielders are arguably the best in the world? He simply lacks the skill to challenge for a place in the team and is now sparingly used as a center back. Last season he racked up 34 appearances for Arsenal, had a deadly partnership with RVP and racked up 11 assists, and led the squad in key passes. At Barça, up until this day (with the season ending soon) he has only 10 appearances, scored one goal and has yet to claim an assist to his name. There are already reports of him being re-signed by Arsenal, with PSG in the midst of transfer rumors. He hasn’t won over Tito Vilanova who is now back in training, and is simply having a miserable time as far as playing time goes.

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Fernando Torres -  He hasn’t been good in a long time, I only mention him because he frustrates the hell out of me. Vicente Del Bosque has finally got his wits about him and dropped the seemingly talentless forward from the national team. The words “dangerously inconsistent” come to mind. If Adebayor is getting a “get better soon card,” Torres needs the works: flowers, a card, life support, and possibly a funeral in his name. Good god.

I think the way you play is hilarious too. Photo AFP

Samir Nasri - The french fairy princess in the form of this Algerian French national is one extremely disappointing a**hole. In 21 appearances, he’s scored one and assisted four. His number of key passes has fallen from 2.5 to 1.9, his interception rate from .9 to .3, and number of shots has fallen to .9 from 1.9. It’s safe to say he’s here for the ride, deemed a luxury player, he’s not playing all that well, and if he wants to stay in Mancini’s plans for a title chase, he’d better improve. He wasn’t even that great last year, but like many that leave Arsenal (see Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas, Niklas Bendtner not officially, etc.), his career has taken a tumble.

Brothers in arms in their terribleness. Yes, terribleness.

Manchester United Wingers - They’re all terrible. Antonio Valencia, Ashley Young, and Nani are all not exactly, rather kindly said, at their respective best. Nani’s dismal display against Chelsea this past week just epitomizes the time ManU wingers are having this season. Valencia had thirteen assists to his name last season, second in the league, and now he’s at a very disappointing four. Every stat has gone down for these guys, Nani and Young specifically weren’t helped by their injuries. Either way, ManU will win the league undeservedly, and these wingers were really of little help towards that goal.

Well, that’s all for today folks, talking about the biggest disappointments in life really gets me down, you know?

Cover photo: AP

Author: Franz Lino

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  1. Well said. I can’t go without notice that Adebayor, Song and Nasri all left Arsenal for greater glory and none have done that well since. Man City’s performance in the CL was pathetic for all their billions and where is Song at the moment? Haven’t seen him playing for Barca recently.

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