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Instability in clubs seems to be the flavor of the month. With Brian McDermott’s recent sacking, Premier League clubs (namely Chelsea and Reading) need to question their decisions with more seriousness, as history has shown random axes like these severely harm their respective clubs.

Brian McDermott’s sacking could be one of the worst decisions this club could’ve made at the time. Reading FC currently sit in last place, in the relegation zone, of the premier league. Relegation was inevitable and somewhat of a lost battle. Their last stretch of upcoming games include games against Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Fulham. There isn’t a more bleak looking outcome than what Reading faces. What is more surprising, is the timing. McDermott just won manager of the month in January for his tactics to beat West Brom, Newcastle and a tough draw against Chelsea. Reading are known for their loyalty to personnel, and this latest act came as a shock throughout the footballing world. What Brian has accomplished with such meager resources is astounding, and the club at least owed him the rest of the season to bow out. This sacking accomplishes nothing, and we can look to Wolverhamtpon for the dangers in replacing coaches too often.

Just last season, Wolves were in the premier league. But after suffering defeats one too many times, Mick McCarthy was sacked after being in charge for 5 1/2 years. His replacement did little to help the Wolves. They were relegated, and two managers later, Wolverhampton Wanderers sit in 21 of 24 places in the second division, the Championship. They are only out of the relegation zone on goal differential, a -2 difference between them and Bristol City is the only thing keeping them from dropping further into the third division.

Chelsea’s issues are much more publicized. Crazy Russian billionaire took over Chelsea, and in his tenure as owner, Chelsea have gone through ten managers in ten years. Even more impressively is having gone through 3 managers in the past two seasons. Has this stability paid off for Chelsea? Not at all, they are where they are because of the players they have assembled. It is not AVB’s tactical sense, or Di Matteo’s belief, or Rafa Benitez’s bullish attitude, none of these managers have had a proper amount of time to instill their systems and tactics.  It is because this team is stacked beyond belief. Oscar, Juan Mata, Eden Hazard, Ramires, John Terry, Petr Cech, and David Luiz. This is a team of champions, of players with more talent than all of Reading combined. If Chelsea was as low funded as Reading, this instability would make a much bigger impact.

Indeed, Chelsea are lucky that they possess the players to keep this team respectable even with the managerial instability.  However,  teams such as Palermo have no such luck. Palermo are last in the Serie A and just fired manager, Gian Piero Gasperini after a mere 16 days in charge. The ridiculousness of the situation is compounded by the fact that Gasperini was in charge of the club until February 4th THIS year. Where upon he was replaced by Alberto Malesani until Gasperini was rehired. Making changes in an attempt to get out of the relegation zone is understandable, but such knee-jerk reactions do nothing but destabilize a club, make an already admittedly woeful team even worse, and all ensure that Palermo will be playing the Serie B next season.

All I know is that this really needs to stop, teams should be smarter when they hire and sack managers.  Take a page out of West Brom’s book for god’s sake.


Written by Franz Lino and Roger Mao

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Author: Franz Lino

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